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No debts, okay.

Nice GF, okay

Excellent/iffy apartment with cool location, ok.

Prospects spotty but promising, check.

Health good, check.

Hockey season over in November, check.

I'm just trying to see the good things before closing the book on this season.
As readers(there are 2,900 hits so assume there are a few) know, I predicted 6th place in the west for this team. Obviously I live in denial, and am delusional, but so what? I like to give the benefit of the doubt whenever possible.

Now it's simply a race for 30th place - again. All the best to the Oilers, I think they have a great shot at this. From what little I know, there are a few great prospects out there this season, maybe in the 1-4 spot. We look set. It stinks, I hate it, but there's nothing anyone can do about it.

I'm drinking beer, so no wit no wisdom, just either a rant or else this attempt at liquored up rationality.

How about another pic? Just to put a cap on tonights thoughts.

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