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WTF does this guy get all the blame for?

I know. You're thinking "why doesn't hunter1909 ever write about anything topical?"

The answer is simple. All I want to write about has been said, on other forums and usually it gets me banned. Fuck, I've even said too much on this blog, before going into my trip down memory lane.

Anyway it is bound to piss everyone off who reads it, who thinks the Oilers are still Ryan Smyth's team. Also people argue how Smyth deserves to have his jersey retired, a topic that threatens to give me a brain anyeurism. Why? Because he lost some teeth once. Because he's "a warrior".  Also, and no doubt this is the true reason, because the Oilers are now as lame as possible as a championship franchise, so now we can start retiring numbers of players who lead us to first round playoff  exits. Just like the canucks. 

This is Steve. I used to think it was Kevin Lowe when I was a kid, cuz they both have similar slitty eyes. I couldn't tell them apart.  That Scottish John Wayne look that's ideal for driving cattle on the range. 

Anyway Oilers lost 4 FUCKING GAMES to the Flames in 1986. Not just the game poor Smith know the rest. 

I've never been mad at Steve Smith for that own goal. I'm mad at the Oilers for getting themselves into such a position against those piece of shit, one cup only and it was flukey sons of bitches. To even start with. 

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