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My second favourite Oiler

This guy was simply great. Glenn Anderson played on my favourite Oiler line, back in the day. 

I mean, I knew it was only the second line, but the Messier/Anderson line played hockey in a way that simply made more sense to me than the Gretzky one, who basically looked like a bunch of angels coming down from heaven to play hockey. 

Now on this line, Anderson was just the dirtiest, nastiest and orneriest s.o.b. to play against than I've ever seen play the game. The other teams hated his guts. Sooo much. He seemed to play most of his games whacking the opposition with his stick, then, just when we needed a huge goal, Bang! Anderson scored. 

To a younger Oilers fan, if I were to describe the play of Anderson, it would probably be to say, he was everything Ryan Smyth was, but ten times meaner and with a shot that could thread the eye of a needle. 

There are moments in this life that define everything. Precious seconds that ultimately can make the difference between winning and losing a battle, a business deal, a girlfriend sometimes, or in context of this blog a hockey game. Most people simply don't possess the ability to produce the goods, when under these uber-stressful conditions. They freeze up. Shit themselves. 

Never Anderson. 

If there was one dynasty guy I'd have liked to have magically appear on the ice for the 3rd period of the 2006 finals, it was him. Glenn Anderson would have got them the game winning goal. 

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