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Reasons to be Cheerful

I like the way so many young defence prospects are getting their NHL debut out of the way this year. At least they all know what needs to be done to improve.

Of course with the Kid Line all out, they're TANKING!! I know that if I was running the Oilers today, January 2012 I'd want a GUARANTEED shot at: Ryan Murray, Grigorenko, Yakupov.

The kiddie corps defence will be useful when playoff hockey returns in 2013-14.

The rest of the NHL fan's turn green with envy when they see the Kid Line, plus other top picks and potential future. If it all works they're the Colorado Avalanche 2.0 and should be good for around 7 WC Finals, and 2-3 cups. They're potentially that good.

All talk now of course.

PS: NOTE TO KATZ - Promise to never mention MacT again, and buy out Horcoff asap, and I promise to never complain about President of Hockey Operations Kevin Lowe again.

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