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Oilers MO Re Their Exiting Players

Why can't the Oilers let anyone leave town with dignity?

Ales Hemsky's basically given up his future health, having been hammered into the boards so many times he's probably got permanent slivers all over his body.

But now, that he's approaching UFA status, Oiler's front office has already begun it's usual "Let's run the bastard out of town" show.

Umm, guys...this isn't a good thing. Sooner or later Oiler's will draft someone who will pull an Eric Lindros and tell the Oilers to fuck off. That player will say things like: "I don't like the way they have ruined the careers of so many of their young players." Then refuse to sign with the team.

In so many ways, this would be a good thing - other than for the fact they won't end up firing Lowe or any of the other deadbeats(Buschburger as eventual head coach hahahaha).

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hunter1909 said...

i dont know why, but this is funny.