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i don't know where to start. My team, England(until they're booted then I immediately jump back on the Brazil bandwagon) have that excuse I predicted, that indeed they had tied the game, and yes, were it given and counted they did appear to have momentum.

As a fan, I buy that argument.

Of course they still might not have won, but, who knows?

Look back at English great reasons for WC failure in the past:

2006: Rooney was being rugby tacked by the entire team he was dribbling through, yet he's the one sent off.
2002: I don't remember this one, other than Sven let them down at halftime, for not exhorting them to beat Brazil more.
1998: Beckham was robbed, being sent off.
1990: Poor Gascgoine
1986: The hand of god goal.
1982: If only Brooking and Keegan were fit.
1970: Stomach bug and noisy enemy supporters disrupt the gentlemenly world champions.

Anyway like predicted it's back to the big boys: Germans, Brazilians, Dutch, Argentinians. Surely one of these will win the real World Cup.

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