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Good Luck Riley

I recall some Oil fans in the blogosphere viciously attempting to attack me when I stated that clearly Nash was a moron, for turning down the chance to earn potentially millions of dollars in order to comparatively shlep around the Ivy League circuit. Apparently these fans(one of them a high school teacher) do not understand the dynamics of the real world, so I'll attempt to recap:

NHL players in essence are handed the money of a top level 45 year old CEO. Nash, as a mid level first round pick had the opportunity to command all kinds of contract money, so long as he was able to produce as advertised.

But as we can see from the expression in his face, Riley prefers to have it his way, and with a stubborn Irishness that goes with it(I'm Irish btw, black not red so fuck off PC fucktards), he's now been traded to another NHL team, with the first one having decided to cut bait and return to the marina. Nash for his part, three years later and still able to get an agent, no doubt will go to the Hurricanes training camp and who knows, he might end up on their AHL team.

His stock now starting to plummet, only time will tell how Nash pans out(my money says b.u.s.t.) as a player, so in a way it's a great idea, that he remains in the Ivy league and finish that degree off.

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