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The Stiff is GONE!!!!!

Will we ever live to see anything like this again? probably not. 

Perhaps in 2088 Oilers return the cup to what I've always perceived as it's rightful home. 

Meanwhile, what have we got? A coachless(THANK FUCK!!!!!) team, with what appears to be the makings of a cool General Manager/Owner.  Kevin Lowe is getting kicked higher and higher, where he won't be able to fuck anything up, and despite the fact this team has almost ZERO top line talent, so what? 

At least I won't ever have to look at that dried out alkie staring from behind the Oilers bench, licking his lips like the thirsty man he no doubt is, all the time appearing like he just dropped a couple of hits of purple microdot.

Fearless Prediction: Next season Oilers will struggle to make the playoffs, then fall short.  The plain truth is, this team hasn't got very much going for it.

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