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LeCavalier to join Oilers lol

Penner   LaCavalier    Hemsky    - oh boy, look out every team in the NHL from this line

Gagner    Doug(Weight)    Cogliano   -  this addresses the need for  a decent 2nd line center to take the draws for the kids

Moreau    Horcoff   Pisani  - this is that 'best third line in hockey' made reality 

MacIntyre  Pouliot   Stortini   - the fourth line, always good for trouble and now MacIntyre scoring LMAO

Souray   Visnovsky   - together they equal a Pronger/Phaneuf level player(sorry Oilers fans i like Phaneuf) 

Gilbert   Grebeshkov - outstanding second pairing defence pairing for offense - I hope Tambelinni figures out a way to sell the farm and leave this lineup intact for the playoffs

Smid    Peckham  - Theo is our secret weapon  

DeLauriers _anyone but Conkannen 

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