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Having calculated how many points yours truly expects the oilers(lower case until they start playing properly) to end up with close to or near to:

57 points

By the end of February.

As a wholehearted proponent of tanking the season(the higher oilers pick, the better likelihood of them adding another genius), am concerned about the following teams in the race for 29th: Buffalo worries me the most.


hunter1909 said...

the standings shown are from february 17, 2012.

hunter1909 said...

Looks like they're played 2-3 games and managed to lose every one.

Pajaarvi looks good, like last season which is great news.

Other teams with nearly 60 points and still trying to make the playoffs, oilers meanwhile solidify themselves 29th place.

57 points by march 1 looks to be a stretch, lol.