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Oilers face lottery but it's AOK

IF - Last night's game v the Nucks proved anything, it's the future of this team is bright.

The Nucks spent the entire night running Theo Peckham, it was fantastic to see how much hate Peckman is already starting to get.

Just as I was starting to get into the idea of a Oil victory(after all divisional games are supposed to mean something) bang! In goes the winning lottery goal.

Horcoff's days as first line center seem to finally over, now that Sam Gagner is playing great with Hall/Eberle. Finally, a first line, although kind of wet behind the ears. next season will be the big tell, and I am happy to put money down to anyone stupid enough to bet against this trio's surging up the list of NHL power lines, for the upcoming season.

But it's still 2010, and these things haven't happened yet.

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