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LOL @ Oilers beating the Quacks

I'm pretty certain Oilers finish in 8th. Technically since New Year, I've been imagining 7th, but always felt Oilers are just too fucked up to get that "high".

It also appears there is a civil war going on in the dressing room. On one hand a mediocre 'core' of vets, and a pretty decent but still developing bunch of kids.  Add a coach who for all intents and purposes is a basket case(alcoholism kills MILLIONS  upon MILLIONS of brain cells), and you end up with a paper mache kind of team.

I'm glad they will play the Wings in round 1. Wings will think Oilers are roadkill, after the hammerings they've given them so far, but, in the playoffs, Oilers aren't as shit as the record suggests. 

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